• The Antiquated paradigm:
  • The universe is a clock.
  • The body is a machine or a pile of bio-chemicals.
  • The body is equal to the sum of its parts.
  • By reducing the body to its smallest part and studying them we can know the body.
  • The body is a closed system separated from the environment.
  • Healing is linear, predictable and time sensitive.
  • The nerve system and genes control our biology.
  • The germ theory is the dominant factor in infectious diseases.
  • The body and its behavior can be anticipated or prognosed.
  • ‘Treatment’ plan can be preset for any person or condition.
  • Human beings are just a piece of meat. Mind, body and spirit are separate.
  • Symptoms are a valuable gauge to determine our state of health or sickness.
  • The disappearance of symptoms does ascertain that healing is completed.
  • Diseases are an actual entity. Dis-ease is not recognized.
  • The presence of symptoms equals lack of health.
  • The body is symmetrical and static.
  • Beliefs are inconsequential in determining health.
  • The mind and body are separated from spirit.
  • The more information we have the more we know.
  • Pain is monitored as a gauge for healing and progress.
  • Preventive medicical check-ups improves human health.

Symptom, sickness and disease suppression and crisis care is a failing and dying model. It does have value in emergency medicine and repair from injuries and traumas. It is valuable in providing pain control, and in prolonging life in chronic and degenerative illnesses.
But the overall result has been that we have more diseases and sicknesses that ever before.

The emerging paradigm:

The Universe is organized chaos. A great order is a great disorder and a great disorder is a great order; those two things are the same. There is an organizing matrix or intelligence underlying the entire universe. It is called the Unified Field, the Field of All Possibilities, the Plenum, the Field of Potentiality, the Explicit and Implicit order, Universal Intelligence, God.

The mind-body connection can only happen when there is Life Force carrying the data from the mind. Life force is spirit, which is light in the body.

Life is necessarily the union of Intelligence, matter and Force in the Triune of Life.

The language of Life is Energy encoded with information

Light encoded with information is the language of life. Science tells us that in every speck of matter/energy resides in a holographic form the knowledge for the creation of the entire universe including a human being. This infinite well of knowledge sends messages everywhere in the body via life force or light, to manifest life

The human body is a multidimensional organism made of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components interacting within a social, cultural and universal environment and a belief system It is more than the sum of its parts

The human being is an open dynamic system receiving an infinite amount of input from the outside world and expressing an infinite amount of output from within, while maintaining a dynamic homeostasis. As such, it can only be addressed anew every moment. The person we took care of yesterday has little to do with the same named person returning two days later

The belief system is as real and as powerful, if not more powerful, than any other system of the body from Nerve system to Cardiovascular system. What we hold in the mind tends to manifest in the physical body.

The body is connected to all other biological systems and the universe. Our Health and Wellbeing is non-local and collective.

Wellness is a dynamic equilibrium between health and disease.

At the deepest level the body is a micro-cosmos. Just as we cannot intellectually control the macro-cosmos, we are incapable of directing the workings of a single cell within our own body; let alone orchestrate the dazzling biochemical dance performed by 75 trillions cells insomeone else’s body

The more we know the more we realize we do not know. We gain reverence for the Unknown Innate Intelligence within.

The human body responds to the law of adaptation and gravity not symmetry. It is pattern in an infinitely complex way that takes into consideration being either left or right dominant in brain, ear, eye, head, hand, hip, leg or foot. Spinal muscles alone have a contraction-expansion capacity of 16.7 millions possibilities. This means that determining shoulder, pelvis heights, head tilt, leg length and many other ‘out of alignment’ calculations are ludicrous. The human body, being the ‘housing’ of the mental, emotional and spiritual, is an open complex dynamic system. As such it is unpredictable. It cannot be forecasted, predicted or prognosed.

The human body is living clay, dynamic and malleable. It can change and transform

Biological healing is cellular replacement. It requires life force or light to take place. It is creation & recreation.

Biological healing is quite different from fixing, curing or core healing

Biological healing transcends the linear-time-upward progress schedule. It is affected by many cycles. It is non-linear. It can spiral up or down with a general trend upward over time. It can be instantaneous as in spontaneous remission. As a rule it can usually not be felt from moment to moment. It can however be recognized with retrospection.

Symptoms are messages from the body that in most instances must be listened to rather than suppressed. There are healing, cleansing, and adaptive symptoms, messages to change and/or pathological symptoms

Healing mostly goes beyond the disappearance of symptoms. Symptoms are the last to come and first to go

Pain is not necessarily a valuable/reliable gauge to determine progress.

Diseases are the result of dis-ease/mal-function over time, lack of tissue resistance or excessive environmental stresses stored over time

The resistance of the host is the dominant factor in dealing with germs

The belief system is as real and powerful as any other system of the body. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect and control our biology.

It is the life force flowing through the nerve system that controls the body and activates the genetic make-up. A corpse has a nerve system and genes, yet it is not alive.

The essential factors in being a ‘facilitator of healing’ are ‘not knowing,’ love, present time consciousness, and no attachment to the outcome. Not ‘knowing or labeling’ what the person is experiencing allows the field of all possibility to remain unstained, because the observer affects the observed. Diagnosis collapses the field in both the practitioner and the person receiving care

In fixing or curing, diagnosis is important and the other factors of healing are not as relevant. Actually, attachment to the outcome is paramount.

Proactive care and life style is the emerging model for humanity’s health and wellbeing.


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