Chiropractic promotes proactive well-being care and life style for the entire family to ensure a greater expression of our inborn potential.

This translates into better health and vitality, greater ability to adapt, heal, grow and evolve as a human being.

The primary clientele of Vitalistic Chiropractors are infants, babies, children, pregnant women and entire families.

Of course people from all walks of life are also welcome. Since there is a biological resonance between family members, everyone benefits from proactive chiropractic care.
In reality health is not an individualistic process it is a community endeavor.

The chiropractic spinal adjustment is a means to access the nerve system in order to release life force, free stuck patterns, integrate past experiences, release stress and improve physiology.

It returns to our body the potential to heal, adapt and express life fully.
As Vitalistic Chiropractors we hold a vision of a healthier humanity.

Chiropractic is truly “The Cousteau Society” of the internal environment.
It promotes respect for the human body and upholds the sanctity of the bio-ecolgy of all the systems, organs, tissues and cells of the body.
It recognizes that there is a time and place for medicine, life sustaining medications, pain killers when untrackable suffering is present and surgery when limitation of time and matter shows up.

Yet chiropractic also promotes a ‘chiropract