Branding & Vision


Cafe of Life is ‘Reframing’ Chiropractic in The Public’s Mind…

Being a Vitalistic Doctor of Chiropractic, operating a Cafe of Life, leads to curiosity from the public. It fosters inquiries and questions: “What is a Cafe of Life? What is a Vitalistic Chiropractor?” “What service do you render?” This opens a dialogue and creates opportunity for a fresh perspective on chiropractic. That is how we rebrand chiropractic in the public’s mind.

Chiropractic assists the healing process from various aches, pains, symptoms, sicknesses or diseases by clearing the neuro-spinal system of subluxations. It frees the Life Force flowing through the main “pipeline” of Energy Flow: The Spinal Cord-Spinal Nerves and Nerve System. It facilitates the natural expression of Health, Healing and Wellbeing.

Chiropractic deepens the inner connection to one’s essence: the Life Force within which is Light and Spirit. It is about feeling more, being more aware, alive and in touch with one’s Inner Being. It is about experiencing life fully. It is about healing and feeling. Ultimately it is about Quality of Life.

Cafe of Life Reframes Chiropractic to its Original Purpose: Clearing the Nerve System of Subluxations, Imparting Knowledge of Naural and Universal Laws through Teaching Chiropractic Philosophy and Restoring Trust in One’s Innate Wisdom and Power to Heal through the Science of Chiropractic.

Cafe of Life engenders a New Paradigm in Life: Being Pro-active in honoring, respecting and caring for our Being and Body throughout life whether sick or well. That is what true Well-Being care is about.

The Question to ask one self is: Does the World today, does humanity today needs another therapy? Would one more therapy make a difference in the World today? Or would infusing Humanity with a new consciousness about Life, Health, Healing and Wellbeing make a difference?
What the World needs is a new philosophy for living, a compass and a rudder to live life by. Chiropractic Philosophy, Art and Science does infuse Human Beings with a new consciousness and a vitalistic philosophy.

This is what we are committed to in the Cafe of Life Model.


The Vision of Cafe of Life… A Quantum Shift in the Way The Public Perceives and Utilizes Chiropractic…

Since the Inception of The Cafe of Life Model, hundreds of Cafes of Life have opened worldwide… More are opening regularly and the impact of this Vitalistic Model of Practice is influencing and impacting the Chiropractic profession at large… it brings a new awareness to the Public as to the purpose and utilization of chiropractic.

The Cafe of Life Model attracts mostly those who want more out of life. It attracts more health conscious people who are pro-active in their lives. This makes for an ongoing ‘Life Party’ in the office. That is where the love, joy and fun of practice reside and the “Endless Vacation” begins.