In matter of health, we hear a lot about recovery: “I have to recover from the flu,”

“I have recovered from surgery,” ”Is there any hope of me recovering from AIDS?”

Yet, is recovery really what is needed and really what we want at a deeper level?

Since the Innate drive of all living organism is towards growth and evolution, could it be that discovery is actually what we’re after? Do we actually want to “recover” or cover again as the word implies?

Isn’t that what most of us we’ve been doing all along; covering up whatever symptom, ache or pain we have with whatever treatment seems to work?

Could it be that the very situation we find ourselves in is the direct result of years of “covering” symptoms and “recovering” from symptoms?

Nearly all of our symptoms are like “physical emotions,” and must be allowed to express freely. We know what happens when we suppress our emotions and bottle them up; eventually we reach the boiling point and explode!

It’s not any different with symptoms – they too must be allowed to be expressed.

Most symptoms are either adaptative symptoms to changes in our environment, healing symptoms, cleansing symptoms or messages from our body to change our abusive way of life.

In some instances symptoms are pathological symptoms: a “path of logic” the body takes to deal with a long standing physiological dysfunction that has turned into a path-o-logy.

Growth and transformation is an avenue that can take us out of the repeated cycle of suppression. This can happen by freeing the organism from established patterns of behavior that are locked within the cellular memory of our body. These dominant patterns are caused by overwhelming physical, emotional or chemical traumas, which we could not adapt to at the time.

The Chiropractic adjustment is designed to release these deep-seated patterns thus allowing the body to evolve into new levels of growth. Most of the time the outcome is freedom from the vicious cycle of covering and recovering.

Come grow with us!