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Dr. Autumn Gore
Autumn has spent the last 17 years on a journey of self-discovery and growth.
In 1999, she felt led to begin the process of becoming a chiropractor
and has been in private practice, here in Dallas since 2005.

She serves as a mentor and coach for Chiropractors and students all over the world, helping them connect with and communicate an
Innate Centered message;
to be a catalyst for change without using fear as a motivator.

Autumn is a powerful international public speaker, passionately teaching the principles of chiropractic and life; inspiring audiences to find and be led by the strength of their inner innate voice.

Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN

Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN,

Dr. Tyler is just the best!! He is by far the most skilled and talented chiropractor I have ever seen,
and his entire staff is equally kind and helpful as well. You will not find a better chiropractor!

Arno Burnier, D.C.

Arno Burnier, D.C., Cafe of Life Founder

Health is a process, Healing is a process, Wellbeing is a process, not an event”

Cyndi F.

Cyndi F., A Cafe of Lifer

At the Cafe of life, Scott has been adjusting me since 2010. He has helped me with so much more than my spine. He is a kind sincere person with a wealth of knowledge about health and wellness and a gift to heal. His holistic and realistic approach to health and healing keeps me moving. I recommend Scott to everyone.

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