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Dr. Jeremy Brook is a Los Angeles Chiropractor, yogi, and movement specialist, whose mission is to create excellence in human performance and elevate consciousness in how we approach life from the way we breathe, move, feed our body and mind, and rest, to the way we connect to others.

In 2001, Dr. Brook founded The Life Center Chiropractic, a unique healing oasis that incorporates the disciplines of chiropractic, spinal corrective protocols, yoga, and other movement art forms to align the spine, body, and mind.

Since 2005, Dr. Brook has been teaching an anthropological, evolutionary and energetic approach to Yoga Anatomy at several of America’s premier yoga studios.

Dr. Brook is also the California MLS 1 Adjusting Seminar Leader. MLS or Mastery Love Service was created by Master Chiropractor Dr. Arno Burnier who has trained many of THE top chiros in the profession.

Dr. Brook is also an author. His book The Spinechecker’s Manifesto is an integrative approach to healing and healthier living that incorporates vitalistic philosophy, metaphysics, epigenetics and simple step-by-step yogic sequences that will teach you how to align, move, stretch, strengthen, energize, and access the sacred geometry of your body and mind.

When he’s not “spinechecking” and adjusting, he can be found on his yoga mat, lifting weights at Deuce Gym, and slacklining between palm trees on Venice Beach.

Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN

Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN,

Dr. Tyler is just the best!! He is by far the most skilled and talented chiropractor I have ever seen,
and his entire staff is equally kind and helpful as well. You will not find a better chiropractor!

Cyndi F.

Cyndi F., A Cafe of Lifer

At the Cafe of life, Scott has been adjusting me since 2010. He has helped me with so much more than my spine. He is a kind sincere person with a wealth of knowledge about health and wellness and a gift to heal. His holistic and realistic approach to health and healing keeps me moving. I recommend Scott to everyone.

Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez, Cafe of Lifer

Going through my first pregnancy at about 6 months I started to have unbearable cramping, pressure, and tension in my back and pelvis area. This kept me awake at night and also just made day life uncomfortable. After seeing Dr. John now for about two weeks the cramping has just about stopped completely and I’m able to sleep comfortably all night. I move around work feeling so much more flexible and overall confortable. The soreness/ pressure in my groin and inner thighs have also eased up a lot. Thank you Dr. Haig John!

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