Fall is here and all of nature is changing and adapting. Animal’s fur is becoming thicker. Grass and leaves are turning. Temperature is dropping and daylight hours are dwindling. Birds are migrating and animals are preparing for hibernation.

As inhabitants of the earth we undergo similar transformation during this changes of season. We shed the mucous lining of our upper respiratory system through the process of “menstruation” of our sinuses. (We call it a cold.)

We begin to slow down and require more sleep (We call it fatigue.) We instinctively change our food intake and the type of food we eat if we are in touch with our internal needs.

Our entire body contracts and our skin becomes slightly drier. Our creative abilities slow down as we prepare to replenish and nurture ourselves.

Understanding the nature of these changes is important in a society that regards any fluctuation or deviation from the “norm” as a sickness.

Viewing those transformations as abnormal leads millions to run to doctors and pollute their bodies with prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in an attempt to silence our body natural expression and adaptation.

The best way to go through those adaptive changes is to allow the organism to function at peak efficiency by clearing the channels through which mental impulses travel from brain to body. The healthier we are, the easier “symptoms” of adaptation pass through our body.

This is accomplished by clearing out the nervous system with Chiropractic care.

Even leaves know how to change, maybe it is time we accept our changes gracefully while listening to our body and accepting the normal changes of life.