There is no greater wealth than our own health and the health of society.

The proof and validity of this statement need no scientific documentation, nor elaborate research. It is said that one who proves things by experience increases knowledge. We need to look no further than the worldwide human experience, to know the truth and reality that health is our greatest wealth and asset.

The instant we loose our health, there is nearly nothing we would not do to retrieve it.

We will travel any distances, spend any amount of time, money and energy if only we can have a glimmer of hope of regaining our precious health. We may even submit ourselves to the most bizarre and “out on a limb” treatments, if a potential resolution is hoped for.

Re-mortgaging our home, going into debt and even bankruptcy is no longer a problem when our health is at stake.

When we loose our health, our priorities suddenly change: baseball games, parent-teachers conferences, church meetings, hobbies and other endeavors seem to fade in the background at a fast rate. Even caring for our children or nurturing our relationships become difficult and challenging when our health has slipped away.

The things that we may have cherished the most seem to no longer matter. Values and priorities are frequently turned upside down.

So, in the light of all this, doesn’t it make sense to make our health our number one priority, no matter what, because indeed it is our greatest wealth.

Why is this lesson in life so difficult to learn? It may be because we take our health for granted. It may also be due to lack of education. Educating a society about health is the one of the most potent factor in improving the health of a nation.

The day we make our health our top priority, by honoring and respecting our body, by trusting the inherent inborn power of the body to heal and by understanding that symptoms are part of the language of the innate wisdom of life, we begin to invest in our greatest wealth and asset.

Investments are small yet returns are invaluable.

Insuring a free flow of life energy, a proper transfer of information between brain cells and tissue cells and a freedom of motion of the spine through regular chiropractic check-ups and adjustment is a first step in investing in our health.

Many other aspects of the health equation from nutrition to exercises, meditation and bodywork are also essential. Each step taken to nurture and support our wellbeing is time, money and energy well invested in creating vibrant health and vitality which is our greatest wealth.
Remember that once we loose our health, there is virtually nothing we wouldn’t do to retrieve it. So be proactive and invest in your health and wellbeing now.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.