The resurgence of life today in the flourishing city of Hiroshima is a prime example of the regenerative power of life.

That power- that creates all life- is also responsible for the re-creation of life. That power has no limitations: we’ve all witnessed blades of grass piercing through several feet of concrete, reclaiming abandoned sidewalks, driveways and highways.

This same power runs the universe, controls the movement of the planets and manufactures a whole human being from one cell in nine months. And it does not abandon us when we are born.

This creative power is still at work 24 hours a day, every day of our lives, constantly sparking new life, replacing dead, diseased or damaged cells with new one allowing a constant healthy functioning of tissues and organs.

It heals cuts, repairs wounds, mends bones, makes seers out of diagnosticians and heroes out of surgeons. Even the most agnostic physician surrenders to this power by saying, “We did all we could- it’s in God’s hands now.”

The creative power of life flows from above down, inside out: from the brain it flows down the spinal cord, through and over nerves to all parts of the body, expressing life from the inside outward,

The sole purpose of a Chiropractic spinal adjustment is to remove interference to this flow of life. Once you have received an adjustment you are already in a more healthy state because more life is manifesting through you.

The reason why people recover from all kinds of conditions through chiropractic care is because the interference to this life flow, to this power has been removed. Once it is unencumbered, restoration and revitalization can then take place from within.

If you have doubts, remember Hiroshima and remember that there are no illnesses that people have not recovered from.

The power of life is the greatest power there is. It is the great mystery within.