There is some astonishing information regarding “your aching back.”

Seventy-five million Americans have back problems. Eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain sometime during their life. Each year, seven million new victims will be afflicted by debilitating back pains; consequently, the U.S. will lose 93 million work days amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Back problems are “mankind’s oldest, most stubborn agony.” It as commanded the attention of doctors, scientists and researchers for hundreds of years.

Despite all the research and inquiry into the functioning of the spine, little is known today. This lack of understanding is so wide spread that few people recognize the importance of the spine to their health. Most people never consider their spine until plagued by pain.

The spine is a marvel of biological engineering. The major purpose of this complex system is to house and protect the delicate nerve network. The spinal cord and nerves connect to the brain centers that control, via nerve impulses, the functions of all the organs and parts of the body.

The functional integrity of the nerve system is dependant upon the structural and functional integrity of the spine.

Any slight malfunction of vertebrae called subluxation can impair this intricate relationship. That is why proper functioning of the spine is the major key to proper functioning of all the body’s systems.

Almost anything can disrupt the spine: from the reflexive response of sneezing, coughing or laughing to wearing high heels, physical force and mechanized specialization of jobs. Repeated motion, excessive weight bearing, improper lifting, contact sports and accumulated stress are all potential causes of spinal malfunctions or subluxations.

Dis-function of the spine can cause anything from asthma to kidney malfunction, migraine, bone disorders, back pain, etc. Chiropractors have long promoted regular spinal checkups in order to maintain proper attunement of the spine, the health “Key Board” of the body.