The spine, also called the backbone, is what is behind us. It is the infrastructure of the human body.

The spinal column supports the head and the shoulder girdle to which the upper limbs are attach. The rib cage, connected to the spine, encases the internal organs which are also, directly or indirectly, attached to the vertebral column by means of suspensory ligaments.

The very base of the spine is wedged between the hips to which the lower extremities are bolted.

The spine also houses and protects the delicate spinal cord and the sensitive nerve roots. So it is truly the most essential and vital core of the human organism, yet because it is behind us we give it little attention.

But what is behind – the back porch of a house, the rear of a building or shop – is where we dump everything we do no want the world to see.

Most of us do just that with our body; we present our ‘front’ for the world to see but all the stress – negativity and things we dislike about ourselves – we store and hide behind our backs as tension or stored energy.

The past is also behind us. The back is the map of our past; it is the place where all past experiences we could not integrate at the time are stored. In our spine and back are imprinted our fears, excessive responsibilities, lack of support, be it financial, emotional or social. It is where “the way we live life” is reflected: either in the flow and alignment with the river of life or holding back with resistance or pushing to hard as in type A personality.

This accounts for the great physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits gained by having the neuroskeleton tuned via a Chiropractic adjustment.

In health and in sickness it makes a world of difference. In the quality of our lives it makes a world of difference.