Life force within is the most unrecognized, least known and misunderstood force on earth. Yet, with love, it is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

For thousands of year traditional healing methods, mystical and spiritual disciplines have talked about the importance of life force. The sacred text of the Bhagavad Gita refers to it as prana or intelligent life force flowing up and down the spinal cord.

Acupuncture calls it the chi that flows through the nerve system and the meridians. It is the very essence of chi that Tai Chi and Qi Gong seek to free through movement as live is motion and motion is live. Rigor mortis is the motionless condition of death.

It is frequently assumed that the master controller of the human body, human works and human expression is the nerve system and the genetic make up. Yet is this true? Not really. To believe that the brain, nerve system and genetic make up run the human organism is a mechanistic scientifically unsound and unfounded view of life.

A corpse has a nerve system and genetic make up yet it is dead.

It is the life force cursing through the nerve system that activates the genetic make up and cause the human body to express life.

Life force is the essential ingredient of life, it is the sole difference between a living breathing, talking, walking human being and a corpse. It is the sole difference between life and death.

During World War II, the French Resistance operatives carried with them a ring loaded with cyanide tablets.

If caught by the German Gestapo, they could bite it and die quickly. They knew that very few could remain silent under torture. Within seconds the cyanide would interfere with metabolic chemical pathways and cause death.

The difference between life and death is not physical for, at the moment of death, all of the systems, organs and cells are still present; yet the intangible, invisible vital essence is gone.

The corpse of the dead freedom fighter weights the same, looks the same, still has warm blood in it’s veins yet it cannot exhibit the signs of life: adaptation, assimilation, reproduction, elimination and respiration.

Life force that carries the mental impulse from brain to tissue cell and back from tissue cell to brain has left the body.

It is Life force that carries the vital information to control all body function and processes.

Life Force is the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind, flows from the brain to stir cells into life. It is indeed the essential ingredient of life.

A puppet may have strings to move and articulate it’s part yet it needs the puppeteer to pull the strings to bring it to life across the stage.

In human beings, Universal Energy is transformed by the brain into forun or quantity of life force that flows over, through and into the nerve system.

A forun is to life energy what a watt is to electricity.

It is this electrical activity that an electroencephalogram detects. As we all know, the ultimate sign of death is cessation of all electrical activities in the brain.

It is this vitality within us that inspires, motivates, coordinates, heals and repairs us. This life force is the chi of chi-ropractic. It is the vital energy that flows through the nerve system. It is upon this inner vital force that health, healing and wellness depends.

A scratch on a newborn’s face will heal in hours yet the same scratch on an elderly skin may take weeks to heal. All because of the gradient difference in vitality.

When we eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it is the life force that carries the messages from the brain to the stomach telling it what digestive enzymes to release and for how long. It is the life force that induces the peristaltic movement by causing smooth muscles to contract.

The chiropractic adjustment released the imprisoned life force allowing the body to have the potential to heal, repair and recover as well as keeping it in a state of wellness.

Until and unless humanity awaken to this fundamental truth and seek to trust, honor, respect and free the vital essence within, needless suffering will keep plaguing human beings.

What is essential to life is invisible to the eye. Yet it is the invisible that sustains us: love, spirituality, life force… Life force is the spiritual force within. It is life energy that is light that is spirit.