The only difference between living, walking, talking Homo sapiens and corpses is the presence of Life energy.

Are we sick because we have cancer or do we develop cancer because we were sick in the first place?

Every second of our lives 100,000 chemical reactions take place in our brain. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

When fever rises to 103 degrees and above, our body manufactures Interferon the most potent anti-cancer chemical we know of today.

Maybe aspirin and any other drug that reduces fever is not such a good idea!

The human brain generates 25 watts of life energy in a constant manner. This bioenergy flows over through nerves to every tissue cell in the body. It is detected by the electroencephalogram or EEG.

Health and disease are the antipodal manifestation of wellness. Health is a message to act. Disease is a message to change.

Biological healing is cellular replacement. Skin cells live seven days. Heart cells ninety days. Red blood cells one hundred and twenty days. Bone cells thirty-six months. Spinal disc cells 9 months. Every tissue and organ heals at a different speed. Healing is a process that takes time!

We pray to the Maker but when it is time to have an appointment with God nobody wants to go. Put yourself in His/Her shoes….That’s a hell of a rejection. Death is not the problem. Not being fully alive while living may be the problem!

Once we stop fearing death, we can start living. Death is birth in reverse. Was it so bad?

Health is a lot more than the absence or presence of symptoms. Health is about maximum function of all our parts, tissues, organs and system. Proper function is controlled by mental impulse generated by the brain and flowing over the spinal cord and nerves.

Spinal adjustments add life to years and years of life.

Symptoms are physical ‘emotions’. They should be expressed rather than suppressed. The more we bottle them up by suppressing them, the sooner we will be ready to blow up!

Touch is the language of love.

All chiropractic wants to do is help you get well and stay well.

We need the same trust you have placed in medication and medicine. Give chiropractic as much of a chance and as much time. See ‘miracles’ take place because when life is free to express itself it performs the miracle of our very existense.