Inherent to Chiropractic is a true positive health care service that can and should be rendered to every human being living in a modern society while in an asymptomatic state, while they feel “well.”

Obviously this service can also be offered to those in pain or afflicted with an illness or a disease, regardless of age or condition.

No one will deny, for example, that good nutrition is a plus for everyone. Whether newborn or elderly, whether in a perfect state of health or ridden with cancer. After all everyone is better off with good nutritious food!

Toothless smiles, in many regions of the globe, are prime examples of the devastating effects caused by lack of preventative dental care.
Whether nutrition, dental care or Chiropractic care, the earlier the care, the greater the benefits.

So, with Chiropractic care, regardless of age or condition, everyone is better off with a spine free of vertebral subluxation and with a nerve system that functions more efficiently.

It is today common knowledge that the vertebral subluxation complex develops in response to trauma. Due to invasive forces, the tissues tighten, muscles become hypertonic or spastic, ligaments contract, articular capsules enter a state of adhesion, and in the advance stages osseous fusion takes place.

In the light of the above mentioned physiological changes, it becomes essential to correct the vertebral subluxation complex at its early onset. This approach minimizes the pathophysiological effects of vertebral subluxations while insuring better neurophysiology.

With this understanding in mind it is logical to see that children are the ones that deserve Chiropractic care first.

After all, most parent witness how many falls, jolts, tumbles, and traumas their child sustains on a daily basis.

How often have we, in our lives, banged our heart, our gallbladder, our stomach, or thyroid? Not so often! Yet the blows to our musculoskeletal system and neurospinal axis have been in the thousands.
Since the integrity of our structure affects the performance and function of our body, and since the neurospinal axis is the channel through which bioelectrical impulses travel between the brain and the body, the spine becomes the functional keyboard of the human organism.

Any parent with this understanding realizes the vital necessity to have their children’s spines checked, and if needed, adjusted on a regular basis.

Any chiropractor dedicated to the vitalistic principle upon which Chiropractic is based makes Chiropractic care available and affordable to all children on a regular basis whether symptoms are present or not.

Just as Dentistry has been successful at educating the public in dental hygiene, in regular dental clean up, and in the early detection of tooth decay, Chiropractic has the awesome responsibility to educate the public as to the positive impact that regular spinal checks ups have on the overall performance of the body.

Children are the primary clientele of chiropractors and for good reasons!