Life is a dichotomy of having choices and yet having none!

We can choose to focus on positive energy and outlook. Then all events loose their value of “good or bad” and are just experiences, learning and growth processes.

We can also choose to dwell on negativity and even the most joyful experience can be tarnished by the judgment and evaluation we place on it. So we do have a choice.

Yet when it comes to natural and universal laws, we do not have a choice. Gravity, for example, is a natural earthy law; it is a constant and an essential ingredient to life on this planet. Gravity is a law that affects us regardless of our beliefs or thinking.

When it comes to our body and health, we have choices in regard to how we take care of ourselves. But we have no choice when it comes to the effect of the Laws of Life.

All living beings require life energy, nutrition, rest, water, and air for survival. Requirements vary among individuals but they apply to everyone.

A deep understanding of the laws governing health and directing life is essential for well-being. One may survive days without food, water or rest, minutes without air and only an instant without life energy.

Life energy or Chi, which flows over the nerve system, is the most essential ingredient of life. Chi is what is being release through the adjustment. Inherent to the word Chiropractic is Chi-ropractic.

The mass media and the values of our society encourage people to disregard the natural laws of Life.

Unfortunately since natural and universal laws cannot be broken, it is the individual who is broken!

Inherent to the practice of Chiropractic is the teaching of those laws.

Most Chiropractors give educational programs on an ongoing basis to share the Laws of Life, give knowledge about the human body and health and impart an understanding of the nature of healing. Chiropractis is fundamentally based in knowledge and wisdom.

The spinal adjustment alone is but a small part of the leap in consciousness achieved. Through the knowledge of the Laws of Life lies the real transformation received from Chiropractic care.

For your own benefit participate in the educational programs provided by your Chiropractor. Make it a conscious choice that can transform your life and the lives of your love ones for the better.