It is an established belief of society that sickness and disease are abnormal events that should not exist and could eventually be eradicated.
Because of this utopia we have engaged in an all out war on illness; a war with no end in sight as for every illness that vanishes another one crops up; a war with escalating costs and weaponry always more intrusive and destructive upon the human body.
The verbiage of modern Medicine is quite telling: “attack” the tumor, go on a “seek and destroy mission”, “eradicate” the disease, “zap” the growth, “wipe out” illness and “suppress” symptoms, etc…

The reality is that wellness could not exist without sickness.
Health and disease are the antipodal manifestation of the same phenomena: wellness.
Health and disease form a dipole, the dipole of wellness. Health and disease are the plus and minus of electricity, the high and low pressure of the weather pattern. One cannot exist without the other.
The human body thrives on illness to create health.

Illness is a necessary process for the immune system to grow, develop, and maintain itself at a high level of readiness and efficiency. Out of the chaos of illness emerges new levels of cellular organization; out of the disorder of illness comes new levels of order and creativity. Illness is frequently an island of discomfort in an ocean of wellness.

Once we begin to understand that illness and health form a dynamic equilibrium we begin to realize the importance of proactive wellness care.

We start to understand the value of maintaining high levels of vitality and resistance, while well, so as to have the strength to confront the disturbance of illness.

Sickness and disease are not abnormal, what is abnormal is not to have the power, the energy to bulldoze through a sickness and disease process, adapt and heal from it.

View in this perspective the value of positive constructive life styles combined with true wellness care cannot be underestimated.

Chiropractic wellness care is one amongst a number of wellness disciplines that are part of an emmerging life style growing in today’s society.