Throughout the course of history many universal Laws have been uncovered: the Law of gravity, the Law of aerodynamics, the Laws of cycles, opposites, and entropy to name a few.

Some 100 years ago the human Law of Life was uncovered by B.J.Palmer, D.C.

This Law states that matter cannot move without energy; that as energy enters matter, matter expands and contracts depending upon which part of the energy wave permeates it.

This is readily observed in all human tissues and functions.

From mastication to swallowing, from breathing to digestion, from bowel movement to urination, from muscular activity to glandular secretion, there is a constant expansion and contraction of tissues.

The law of life also states that life energy flows from above down and inside out.

As long as there is a free flow of life energy, there is a normal rate of expansion/contraction, which leads to free life expression and wellness.

When the life energy flow is altered, the rate of expansion/contraction is also altered. This is commonly referred to as “hypo-“ or “hyper-“ function whether that abnormal function is physical, mental or emotional. (Hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, hypotension, anxiety, depression, etc…)

The common approach is to treat these conditions by attempting to bring “hypo” up or “hyper” down, without ever knowing what the ideal is in that specific individual. This may suppress symptoms but it does not and cannot restore the Law of Life.

The Law of Life is restored by correcting the basic fundamental underlying cause of interference to the flow of life: a nerve system which tone has been altered by vertebral subluxations caused by physical, chemical or emotional overload.

Chiropractic deals with major blockages caused by vertebral subluxations brought on by stressors or invasive forces that the body could not adapt to.

In other word, when forces impact the human body, they are either integrated and adapted to or not. If not, it creates a energetic blockage called subluxation.

Subluxations are disturbances in the neuro-spinal system that have a osseous mechanical component, a meningeal tension/torque component as well as an energetic soft tissue component.

As the nerve system is cleared, physiological functions are normalized and the healing process is facilitated.

Added benefits to a clear nerve system are a brighter perception of reality, deeper inner connection and greater adaptation to the environment. Well-being, the natural normal state of being, has the potential to returns.

The essence of life lies within, waiting to be freed so as to align the individual with the flow of life.

The clearing out of the nerve system is a process that brings the individual into growth, transformation and development from the inside out.

The inherent drive of life is always toward more and greater expression. When life within is freed, our armor melts from the inside out and we are able to express the totality of ourselves.

This is a journey available to everyone willing to go beyond the limitation of his or her established beliefs and conceptions about Chiropractic. There is more to Chiropractic than meets the eyes.